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From iPod to iPlay

I have to warn you this post will put me squarely in danger of being labelled an old fogey. Despite what you think I am not a hundred years old, please bear with me, I promise not to use the term “whipper-snapper” or “shenanigans” at all.

During this past March Break, I had 2 separate moments that caused me to consider the world around me, specifically the preteens I came across in two different places. I began to reflect on this incredible phenomenon of youngsters growing up too fast and whether or not this is something that I can control in my children (7&4) As I am a fairly observant person, I tend to pay attention to other people arround me when we are out and about. (my hubby calls in nosy)

I took the children to a local Maple Syrup farm with some of our friends and they spent the day learning all about the making of maple syrup, eating pancakes, petting baby lambs and playing in the giant playbarn. As I stood at the only exit to the barn trying to keep track of the multiple children we had brought with us, I was momentarily annoyed by a group of teenaged boys running and jumping throught the levels and obstacles of this big barn. I was worried that one of them would squish one of the little preschoolers toddling around, or worse, knock over my daughter. As I mentally berated them for being too big to play in here and wishing they would leave, I considered the value of at least approaching them and asking them to take it easy. When all of a sudden, it occured to me that these youngsters were just the sort of hooligans teens that I tend to see leaned up against the wall outside the local mall, up to no good, talking on their cell phones and listening to music with foul lyrics on the latest iPod offering. And yet, here they were running and jumping (using their imaginations!) in an innocent game of tag in a childrens play barn. Hm. Interesting.

The second event that sparked my interest was as I sat with my hubby in McDonalds the other day, when I saw a Father with two young girls pass our table with their meals. I would guess the young ladies to be roughly 11-13 years old. The were both furiously texting messages on their cellphones, it struck me that girls so young had cell phones (I know it’s common, but I still find it sad). Later on after our meal we sat and watched our little ones running up and down the restaurant playland and I was surprised shocked to see those same two young ladies come into the play area and take off their shoes in order to run up the inside of the play structure. I had to take a minute to be sure what I had seen; these professional texters dressed like Rihanna, were now careening down the slide in Ronald McDonald land! Huh. Very interesting.

Having had a few days to ponder these things, I have come to the conclusion that children these days are in fact growing up too fast, which is no earth shattering revelation. However, what I think people have failed to realize, is that children don’t necessarily WANT to grow up this fast. Deep down inside, I believe that our kids want to play and have fun; sometimes they have grown up desires that will hurt them in the long run, but it is our job as parents to help them make more appropriate choices. The media tells us that children have the right to make all their own decisions, that they have spending power and therefore must have the wisdom to know how to wield said power. Not only is this selfish of them for trying to sell their product but it is a lie. Similarly, and lottery winner who becomes an instant millionare does not necessarily have the financial wisdom to properly care for and spend their new-found fortune. Children and teenagers need guidance, not to be controlled, but guided into making choices that will be in their best interest. I believe that is why God has given them parents, we don’t give birth to children and them push them out of the nest to fend for themselves. We are supposed to teach them, guide them and even sometimes deny them something that will be less than beneficial to them. It’s how we show them that we love them.

Think about when your child was small, you didn’t let her eat the whole bag of halloween candy right? Why? Because it would have made her stomach hurt. You didn’t let your son ride his bike off the roof into the swimming pool even though he thought it would be fun right? Why? Because as his parent, you had the wisdom to know it was a bad plan even when he couldn’t see the possibility of injury. It’s our job to see those dangers and to protect our children from all manner of harm, even when they think they know what is best for them and what they are capable of handling.

I wonder sometimes why parents feel that they HAVE to give their children all these new “toys” that come out like cell phones, iPods, laptops etc. I know my opinion is unpopular (it often is) and sometimes comes across as judgemental, but the truth is parents all over are caving to the pressure from their kids, the television, movies, AT&T and MTV. My biggest concern isn’t even that parents are buying their children cell phones, my biggest problem is that they don’t see the tremendous disservice they are doing towards their offspring. Children don’t need any more help growing up too fast, it’ll happen whether we encourage it or not, but why accelerate that maturing if we don’t have to?

Does anyone besides me even remember when we were 11 and 12? We weren’t watching shows filled with sex and drugs, we weren’t texting our friends and spending 6-8 hours a day on the computer. We were having sleepovers with nailpolish, potato chips and freezing each others bras. We were flipping through Tigerbeat magazine, swooning over Kirk Cameron (uh oh, I’ve revealed my age) not counting the bracelets on our arms to see how many dates inappropriate sexual encounters we’d had. Is no one paying attention? Doesn’t anyone see that deep down these kids just want to be young and play like children? We are not helping them by letting them do whatever they want, they won’t thank us for it. Trust me.

I for one, will continue to monitor what my children watch on t.v and in the movie theatre, even if they claim that the entire school has seen the latest vampire movie. I will decide what time my children go to bed based on what I know to be a healthy amount of sleep for children their age, regardless of how many times my son tells me he doesn’t need to go to sleep before I do because he’s not tired. I will determine what music, video game and internet usage my children are exposed to despite the ever increasing number of children under 13 on facebook. I will continue to do innocent fun activities with my children like snowball fights and hide-and-seek, assuming that they will have fun and making sure that they have lots of non-electronic, child-friendly leisure activities to choose from.

Maybe these teeny-boppers are just waiting for someone to invite them to put down the cell phone and go play in the playland with them. Maybe as parents we should put down OUR cell phones and do the same.

10 Reasons I am NOT a Super-Mom!

1. I would much rather my daughter NOT play with our Barbies…I mean her Barbies. The problem is, she messes up their hair and they inevitably end up looking like Bob Marley!

2. I haven’t taken barely any video footage of my second child since her first couple months of life. Lots of photos thanks to the invention of the digital camera, but she will undoubtedly feel slightly less loved when she grows up and realizes that we have hours and hours of her brother on video but not her. Oops.

3. I have to force myself to let the kids help bake cookies. I know how it sounds, but I really love to bake cookies, muffins and cakes galore for my family, I just prefer to get it done. I can’t really loosen up when it comes to letting the kidlets help mix, scoop or stir. I would much rather just do it myself. But they love to help, and I love them, so I usually let them spoon out a few cookies each batch. Not too much, just until I find something that will distract them.

4. I’m not very good at following through on the threat to take away the t.v. I mean I try it sometimes, it’s one of those few consequences that really affects them. Unfortunately, it is too painful for Mommy. There are just some times when I need the Telenanny to keep them occupied so I don’t burn dinner. There I said it.

5. I prefer my hubby to put the kids to bed. I know it’s supposed to be the nicest part of the day, and such a wonderful time to spend with the children I love so much. But to tell the truth by the time bedtime rolls around, I’m pretty much ready for them to go to bed and I am desperately in need of a few minutes of just Mommy-time. Besides I get them up in the morning, have breakfast (and lunch depending on the day), drop off and pick up at school, do homework with them, play in the afternoon, have dinner, read books with them and usually bath them. It’s good to share the “bonding” with my hubby, plus honestly, I need a break.

6. Sometimes I hear my kids arguing and I just pretend I don’t hear it. I mean let’s face it if they are bickering with each other, they are not bickering with me. I feel I need to pick my battles.

6. I don’t correct my 5 year olds speech. My BFF is an english teacher and periodically chastises me for this, reminding me that I love the english language (especially when spoken correctly) but my daughter is someone for whom I will make an exception. I will miss all the cute words she says wrong when she is a “big girl” and I want to savour her being the baby just a little longer. So I tant mate her stop talting wif funny words betause I just wuv how it sounds!!!

7. I sometimes use the promise of staying home from school as a reward for good behaviour. Ok so don’t tell the school board, but sometimes when my oldest has been having a rough time, I will promise an afternoon of swimming at my gym and playing Wii with mommy at home, if he has a good week.  Hey, I said I am not a super mom and I am not above blatant bribery.

8. I have never been very good at making my own bed, and have found it difficult to consistently teach the children this life skill. So I found a way to cheat. I took the top sheets of two favourite bedsheet designs and sewed them into a duvet cover to put over the comforter, creating sort of a reversible duvet. Now the children only have to choose straighten the duvet over their bed. No more sheet tucking and folding. I know, no coins getting bounced off the bed in this house but, whatever.

9. I have been a little lax at teaching my youngest the besic kindergarten skills. My older son entered JK already writing his name, reciting nursery rhymes, colours and numbers. Now with two kids, tae kwon do, gymnastics, volunteering in their school, and the general busyness of life I haven’t been as diligent as I could have been. Oh well hopefully the school will do a better job.

10. I really don’t enjoy the game “I Spy”…I mean REALLY don’t like playing it. I will choose just about any other activity to avoid playing this game. I know I’m so mean.

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