My Christian Business Network

Here is my informal network of businesses and services offered by fellow members of my church in Oakville, Ontario. This is a voluntary free listing, it is NOT  ENDORSED or SPONSORED by Harvest Bible Chapel. I have found that many Christian phone book directories are prohibitively expensive for businesses to advertise in and sometimes people are looking for Christian-run companies with which to do business, but simply don’t know anyone.

We have been attending this church since 2005 and we have met hundreds of wonderful people who run excellent businesses and offer services to the public as a vocation, hobby or part-time job. I believe that the Lord has given us all talents that we can use to help others in need of our services while at the same time make a living. It makes sense to me that if I am looking for a contractor, lawyer, babysitter, painter, accountant etc…to look within my church body. *If you are looking for a church to attend or more information about Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville visit the website.*

With a congregation of over 1500 people, it is likely that just about every manner of business is represented in some form or another. My goal is to provide information for those looking for reputable businesses and put people in contact with those who have a business or offer a useful service from within our own church. I am not recommending ANY business that is listed here, simply offering you the equivalent of the yellow pages, but companies will be specifically from within my church congregation. **If you have any sort of negative experience with any business listed here, please let me know privately, do not leave any negative feedback on this page.**

If you would like to be added to this listing please email me and I will proofread it and then I will add you to the list. If you are added to this network and anyone contacts you to do business, please remember that they have found your name on this list and will associate you with the Body of Christ and Harvest Bible Chapel. Inasmuch, remember to reflect Christ in all your business practices and leave a positive impression on those with whom you come in contact.

In order to add your business name to the list, please send me the following: Company Name, Contact Name, How long you have attended Harvest, Company Website, Contact Phone # and/or email and a Brief Description of your Business. (Listing is in Alphabetical Order)


1. CROWN EDGE CONSTRUCTION LTD. – Specializing in sheet metal fabrication and installation on residential, industrial and commercial buildings as well as caulking ans waterproofing. Contact Daniel Cilia:  or 416-219-1647

2. FLIKKEMA MUSIC STUDIOS Private Voice and Piano Lessons. Contact Charlene Flikkema: 905-631-0301 Cell: 289-208-5231 or

3. KAFUR FARRELL VOCAL COACHING –  Vocal music instruction for all forms of music with emphasis on technique development and song interpretation. Also live and studio vocal techniques, music expression and costal breathing techniques. More than 30 years of professional teaching experience. Contact Kaful Farrell: 416-873-0694

4 NEW LIFE FINANCIAL Specializing in debt reduction, investment growth and tax savings. Providing custom financial solutions, tailored to individual clients. Contact Tim Hamer: 905-330-0635 or

5. NEY’S CONSTRUCTION –  Providing complete renovations and new construction for all needs. Including both commercial and residential projects; from bathrooms to basements, additions and new homes, interior finishes and new builds on commercial projects. Contact Chris Ney: or 519-209-3364

6. PETIT PAISLEY –  Offering fresh and modern, hand-made, high quality baby apparel including; diaper bags, onesies, soother clips, hair clips, change pads, baby blankets etc. Contact Erin Robertson:

7. PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES – Offering access to professional legal counsel for traditional legal problems and everyday events; buying a house or car, creating a will, handling insurance issues, dealing with identity theft etc. Contact Anita Cook:  or 905-825-0341

8. SEWEASY – Dressmaker with 50 years experience offering professional sewing, alterations and repairs. Contact Lyn Bridgland: or 905.469.0352

9. TOTALLY FIT –  Personal Training Consultants. Providing Corporate fitness centre design and programs, complete nutritional programs, fitness/body composition analysis, personal fitness programs for weight loss, rehabilitation and sports, aerobic/cardiovascular classes, group presentations and on-line fitness training. Contact Cary Gordon: 905-827-6212 or

10. WILLOW LANDSCAPE – Designing and building outdoor living spaces and commercial landscaping including; lawn maintenance, spring and fall cleanup, planting, pruning and fertilizing. Contact: (905) 827.2998


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