Random Observations

Sometimes things pop into my head at any given moment and I tell myself to remember that for later to put in a blog posting. Sometimes I actually remember those things and make note of them (whether or not they ever get fleshed out into a full blog post or not is another story) but more often then not I completely forget about them or realize that they are hardly worth writing about and less worth expecting people to take the time to read about. These various random thoughts are what I like to call my, “Random Observations” and I think that I will periodically compile them into a posting of that title. So here is the first installment of my Random Observations, feel free to chime in at any point to agree or disagree.


Why is it when I walk in front of someone at the grocery store and say “excuse me”, do people say “sorry”? Despite the fact that many people have forgotten to interact with politeness and good manners, it is in fact proper to say “excuse me” when walking in front of someone or blocking their vision. Nowadays, people say “oh sorry” and jump back like you are aggressively reprimanding them….is it so foreign in our day to simply say “excuse me”??

On the flip-side, I often find when I am browsing in a store that other people will push their buggies up towards me without saying a word, as if indicating their desire to pass me. Why can’t THEY say excuse me, so I will understand that they would like me to move aside and let them pass? I’m not a mind reader you know. On that same note, I will often hear the gentle chiding of my hubby to move over because someone behind me wishes to walk past and I am in the way. Why can’t they say “excuse me” so I will know that they are there? Despite what my mother said to me as a child, Mother’s do NOT in fact have eyes on the back of their heads, if you want me to move, you’ll have to break out some form of “excuse me”.

Not sure which is more gross, the clump of hair in the drain (which is inevitably at least 50 percent mine) or the fact that my hubby pulls the gross clump or yucky wet hair out…and then leaves it on the side of the tub…? blech!!!

What is with the four-way stop? Why can’t people just follow the rules? There seems to be this desire for drivers to be either super aggressive or err on the side of too polite. Just follow the rules people! When you are the first to arrive at the intersection, you are the first to proceed, don’t try to out-manner me by letting me go first when I know for a fact that you have the right of way. Because, what happens? I hesitate because I know it’s your turn, then you generously wave me on, but I KNOW it’s your turn so I wait and then I realize what you are doing and I take my foot off the break to go through. Almost simultaneously, you decide that I have ungratiously rejected your benevolence and decide to claim your right of way and…..*SMACK*

I love Toaster Strudels…I mean all that warm creamy cheese and jam nestled inside the flaky pastry smothered in icing…mmm….nuff said.

My dog is neurotic…this point of course won’t matter to anyone else reading this, but it’s my blog and the posting is titled Random Observations, and this is random. So my dog has separation anxiety, he has to be in a cage when we leave the house and he has to be shut into someone’s room at night or he pees on the floor. He sleeps all day, get’s up off of one sofa, stretches, meanders over to the other sofa and flops on it as though the movement has sapped every ounce of his energy. But by far, the most annoying thing about my crazy dog is that he will NOT drink water inside the house. I mean he will walk past a perfectly good bowl of drinking water in the kitchen and bark at the back door until I fill the outside dish. Such a freak.

I find it interesting that people forget that they are modeling behaviour to their little ones every day. Some day we are going to reap the “benefits” of everything we have taught our children both actively and passively. Whether we are talking about speeding on the highway, lying on the phone, aggressive driving, copying DVD’s, dropping the “F’ bomb in conversation, gossiping about our friends or unhealthy eating habits. The truth is eventually we will be faced with a child’s behaviour we are forced to deal with and it will be no ones fault but our own, because we have taught our kids to them their noses at rules or encouraged bad habits that we thought were harmless. Interesting.

There should be a law about marketing adult movies to small children. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about whatever next twisted movie concept that pops into Tim Burton or M.Night Shamalan’s head, I just don’t think movies should be marketed to children when their content is not appropriate for youngsters of the same age. Case in point, Transformers II (and Transformers I but to a lesser extent) why are they allowed to sell lunch boxes, pencil cases and fruit roll-ups advertising the movie, when the movie content consisted of swearing and gratuitous appearances of Megan Fox’s ta-ta’s. There should be a rule.

I wonder if anyone else finds their teeth MORE gross in the morning when they brushed their teeth before bed? Is it just me? I find that if I fall asleep and forget to brush my teeth, my mouth tastes a whole lot better the next day then wheen I scrub my pearly-whites the previous evening. I know random right?


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Laurie on July 5, 2010 at 8:34 am

    ‘Hark, hark’ to your observations, Nicole. Re the manners issue: If you mean the sarcastic response of ‘I’m sorry?!’ you may get when you say ‘excuse me’ (to get past) – I agree this can be aggressive and simply indicate a general lack of self-awareness.

    However, there is another genuine ‘I’m sorry’ that I often hear in polite Canadian society, which I think is more an indication of self-deprecating good manners… which, although superfluous to requirements, is preferable to the bad manners exhibited by some more obtuse cultures with basic manners lacking! Well-observed as always. 😉


    • Posted by Lola on July 5, 2010 at 8:57 am

      It always feels like they think I am indicating that they are doing something wrong. “oh sorry”, like sorry I was in your way, or sorry I’m doing something wrong. But I am just saying excuse me to be polite, not trying to be aggressive, it IS correct to say excuse me. It’s not something that occupies all my time, just a mild irritation that occured to me again the other day. Thanks for reading again!


  2. You are right about mannners going out the window…
    As far as modeling behavior to kids. the husband and wife have to be on the same page or the
    kids pick up the worst of both.

    Movie advertising I agree with you totally.

    Thank you for your random thoughts.


  3. Posted by Linsey on July 4, 2010 at 5:07 am

    These certainly are random observations but they were fun to read! I think the best was about the grocery store. I have to say sometimes the grocery store is the worst place on earth because everyone is in such a rush and no one wants to be there. I also agree about the advertising for movies. When I worked at Blockbuster I was amazed at the amount of parents who didn’t understand that when a movie is unrated it is because all the things the producers had to take out to get an AA rating were put back in for the video release. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. Posted by Charlene Flikkema on July 3, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    Well Nicole, I don’t usually respond to these things but I just happened to read this one. I got a good laugh, a couple of “so true”s and “wow, that is random”. I love it. You are a very gifted writer. I enjoyed it immensely. Keep it coming.


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