10 Reasons I am NOT a Super-Mom!

1. I would much rather my daughter NOT play with our Barbies…I mean her Barbies. The problem is, she messes up their hair and they inevitably end up looking like Bob Marley!

2. I haven’t taken barely any video footage of my second child since her first couple months of life. Lots of photos thanks to the invention of the digital camera, but she will undoubtedly feel slightly less loved when she grows up and realizes that we have hours and hours of her brother on video but not her. Oops.

3. I have to force myself to let the kids help bake cookies. I know how it sounds, but I really love to bake cookies, muffins and cakes galore for my family, I just prefer to get it done. I can’t really loosen up when it comes to letting the kidlets help mix, scoop or stir. I would much rather just do it myself. But they love to help, and I love them, so I usually let them spoon out a few cookies each batch. Not too much, just until I find something that will distract them.

4. I’m not very good at following through on the threat to take away the t.v. I mean I try it sometimes, it’s one of those few consequences that really affects them. Unfortunately, it is too painful for Mommy. There are just some times when I need the Telenanny to keep them occupied so I don’t burn dinner. There I said it.

5. I prefer my hubby to put the kids to bed. I know it’s supposed to be the nicest part of the day, and such a wonderful time to spend with the children I love so much. But to tell the truth by the time bedtime rolls around, I’m pretty much ready for them to go to bed and I am desperately in need of a few minutes of just Mommy-time. Besides I get them up in the morning, have breakfast (and lunch depending on the day), drop off and pick up at school, do homework with them, play in the afternoon, have dinner, read books with them and usually bath them. It’s good to share the “bonding” with my hubby, plus honestly, I need a break.

6. Sometimes I hear my kids arguing and I just pretend I don’t hear it. I mean let’s face it if they are bickering with each other, they are not bickering with me. I feel I need to pick my battles.

6. I don’t correct my 5 year olds speech. My BFF is an english teacher and periodically chastises me for this, reminding me that I love the english language (especially when spoken correctly) but my daughter is someone for whom I will make an exception. I will miss all the cute words she says wrong when she is a “big girl” and I want to savour her being the baby just a little longer. So I tant mate her stop talting wif funny words betause I just wuv how it sounds!!!

7. I sometimes use the promise of staying home from school as a reward for good behaviour. Ok so don’t tell the school board, but sometimes when my oldest has been having a rough time, I will promise an afternoon of swimming at my gym and playing Wii with mommy at home, if he has a good week.  Hey, I said I am not a super mom and I am not above blatant bribery.

8. I have never been very good at making my own bed, and have found it difficult to consistently teach the children this life skill. So I found a way to cheat. I took the top sheets of two favourite bedsheet designs and sewed them into a duvet cover to put over the comforter, creating sort of a reversible duvet. Now the children only have to choose straighten the duvet over their bed. No more sheet tucking and folding. I know, no coins getting bounced off the bed in this house but, whatever.

9. I have been a little lax at teaching my youngest the besic kindergarten skills. My older son entered JK already writing his name, reciting nursery rhymes, colours and numbers. Now with two kids, tae kwon do, gymnastics, volunteering in their school, and the general busyness of life I haven’t been as diligent as I could have been. Oh well hopefully the school will do a better job.

10. I really don’t enjoy the game “I Spy”…I mean REALLY don’t like playing it. I will choose just about any other activity to avoid playing this game. I know I’m so mean.

5 responses to this post.

  1. I totally hear you with #3 and #6.
    #3: I don’t bake but when I’m making dinner, it is SO hard to include my three year old! Everything takes so much longer and messier (and I’m not much of a house cleaner so I don’t need any extra mess!
    #6: I love the way my son speaks and I don’t want to correct him. I still haven’t taught him gender-appropriate pronouns yet. He, she, WHO CARES? It become important soon enough.


    • Posted by Lola on March 8, 2010 at 1:52 am

      I agree totally, and I am so glad to hear it’s not just me! I visited your blog…great read!!


  2. I LOVE this post. And you are a “super” mom, because it sounds like you’re spending time – quality time – with the kids, especially with volunteering and sports. As for bed-making, we have never in 12 years of being married, made it a daily event. If my parents are coming over, I may make my bed. I can tell you, the kids wouldn’t know how to do theirs.
    And just this morning I told myself, “enough.” I have to get the kids ready for school, me ready for work and lunches made. If we’re late to school, we’re late. I’m not going to scream anymore to get out the door. (Note: Last year I DID receive a letter from the truancy board about our 11 tardies and 9 absences. But nothing ever came from it).


    • Posted by Lola on March 8, 2010 at 1:54 am

      So great to hear that I am not the only one! My house definitely gets a better cleaning when people are coming over. Sometimes I even schedule coffee dates and get-togethers just to ensure that my hosue gets a good clean at least once a week! Thanks for stopping by my corner!


  3. Posted by Linsey on February 5, 2010 at 12:50 am

    Every mother has things that they know they could improve. That is why you have family and friends who play ‘I Spy’ and bake cookies with them. The only reason they are patient enough to do it is because they don’t have to do it everyday nor do they have any other pressing demands like clean clothes, hot dinners or cleaning to weigh them down! And what is wrong with making it a little easier to make beds every morning…it is such a chore.


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