Surprising Sources of Joy

  1. Sleep – As a mother of two it is incredible what a natural resource this is, who could have know that it would be so valuable? I definitely wish I had used the sleep hours of my youth more wisely. Perhaps someone will someday invent a way to save up all the hours young people spend out carousing instead of sleeping until they are older and in desperate need of good quality sleep.
  2. Bathroom time – more specifically, time alone in the bathroom! No matter how many times I ask if anyone needs to go on ahead of me before I go, I cannot even lock the door before someone will absolutely die if I don’t open the door!
  3. Hot coffee – I’m not addicted, I can live without it, but I truly enjoy a good cup of coffee. And as I rarely get to finish it while it’s hot, I take immense joy when it happens.
  4. Reading – Finishing a book for pleasure is as elusive as the fabled hot coffee. How I crave the hours I used to spend lost in the beautiful imagination of a great author. How I miss the freedom to stay up until 5am in the morning to finish a riveting book. But of course as a mom I cannot afford to lose that much sleep…for explanation please see number one on this list.
  5. Playing in the snow – I was never a cold and snow lover, but there is a pure, organic joy that comes from throwing snowballs and making snow angels with my kids. It’s so much more fun when they are around…plus I think it’s awkward to make snow angels by myself now.
  6. Waterslides – Really, there was nothing that would get me in a bathing suit before I had children, let alone plunging down the giant flushing bowl waterslide before my kids were born. And yet, it’s one of those really fun things I get to do as a mother even though I am all grown up.
  7. Snuggling – I think it’s safe to say that physical touch is my official Love Language, and I always knew that, based on my love of therapeutic massage, hand holding, neck rubs, hugging etc… But my children have given me a new sense of unparalleled joy from snuggling. I love to cuddle next to them at bedtime and breathe in the smell of their hair and baby breath as they relax and fall asleep. Snuggling is my favourite…without a doubt.
  8. My Dog – I was raised with dogs and have always loved them, but there is something different about Bailey. He brings me joy, whether I’m he is keeping my feet warm or insinuated himself on top of me when I am feeling sick. The times when I lay with my head on him and imagine him sitting on my Mom’s lap before she died, or the funny way he insists on sleeping on my hubby’s pillow. I’m not sure but there is something about that dog that brings me joy.
  9. Barbie – I have many a feminist friend, who would cringe at this one, but it’s true, I love Barbie. I am not ashamed to admit that despite the possible negative effects this doll and assorted paraphernalia has had on the social consciousness of young girls all over the world, I LOVE all things Barbie. I love to change their clothes and keep their hair pretty. I adore all the Barbie movies and music. And I especially love sitting with my little princess and share our love of pretty dolls in pretty clothes waiting in a tower to be rescued by a prince. I know I know, she is more than capable of rescuing herself without the help of a man! But still….it’s nice to be rescued sometimes…..
  10. Domesticity – Truth be told, I never envisioned myself as a mother at all, let alone a stay at home mother. I always pictured myself an independent woman with a career, perhaps a husband, but certainly not a soccer mom or anything even remotely this domesticated. But if I could go back in time, I would do it all exactly the same. I could never have imagined the utter joy that I derive from the perhaps mundane tasks of making meals, driving kids to school and gymnastics. The happiness I experience at school concerts and Tae kwon do testing, making pancakes and birthday parties. Everything in life is more fun as a wife and mother. Christmas morning, apple picking, making cookies, tobogganing, camping, eating pizza, playing the Wii, watching movies, eating ice cream, picking out a Christmas tree….the list is endless. Having a family, despite the fact that it rarely feels glamorous or sophisticated, truly brings me more joy than I believe any career or independent lifestyle could ever do. Huh…who knew!?!?

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Linsey on January 13, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    As I sit here in my silent apartment rested, with time to read and drink hot coffee (if I liked it) I just have to say….I think it is time for the kids to come over for a weekend! I am so appreciative of the fact that you trust me to take care of your kids for weeeknds at a time. My life would be so much less without you and them to play with. But listen, anytime you want a break to read or be in the bathroom by yourself…my house is your house.


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