Have a New Kid by Friday

“Have a New Kid by Friday”…that’s the title of the book. Sounded good to me, it came highly recommended so I bought it. In my excitement I didn’t consider the fact that this would not be a book on how to swiftly alter my children and form them into the perfect little angels I imagined they could or should be. But in fact the author in his wisdom had discovered the key to improving the behaviour and attitudes of our children, is to work on our own attitudes and behaviours as parents. WAIT just a MINUTE!!! That’s not the book I ordered?

As I made my way through the book I realized the author was right. Am I inconsistent with consequences? Am I trying to mitigate every mistake I have made with over indulgence? Do I nag my children? Do I automatically assume that they will make wrong choices and therefore “warn them ahead of time” only to find that they adequetely fulfill my negative expectations? How am I doing at encouraging them and being supportive, or am I quick to point out how they could do things better and more efficiently? How about letting circumstances teach them? Do I quickly meat out consequences or let them learn the pain of loss due to their own bad choices?

The questions are seemingly endless, and I dare say I will have to repeat the book. But I have begun to evaluate the “molehills vs mountains” that pop up in our daily life. I must learn to be consistent and not back down, the children will respect me more for following through, in the long run if not immediately.

I’m starting to think that in order to get my “New Kid by Friday”, I am going to have to work awfully hard at becoming a New Parent by Wednesday at the latest…hmmmm

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  1. Posted by Linsey on January 13, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Sounds like a tough read…I’m here for you.


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