It’s been a year since my Mother passed away but sometimes I can still hear her voice. Now before you have me committed, I should clarify…I hear her words, her tone and her opinion out of my own mouth on a regular basis. It’s true, despite my best efforts to distinguish myself from my Mother I have actually turned into her when I wasn’t looking! 

“If I can’t see you, you’re not safe!?

“Don’t make me come up there!”

“Decaf coffee is for sissies.”

“I am NOT going to tell you again!”

“If there’s no blood, you’ll live!”

“Because I’m the boss and I say so”

“If it hurts to move it, then stop moving it!”

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep quiet”

So it would appear that I must have found some benefit to the Mom-ism’s she shared with me. And it got me thinking, which of my words would I like my children to remember when they grow up? 

“Put others first, be generous and wait your turn”

“Make sure you laugh every day”

“You are not an individual if you look like everyone else”

“Be a good friend, and be sure you choose good friends”

“Use kind words, ALWAYS”

“Think before you act”

“Loving to read will enhance your whole life”

“If I can see your underwear, it’s time to get pants that fit!”

Well, regardless of whether my children absorb anything that I have said or not, I will continue to impart my “wisdom” in hopes that one day they will look at their children and say “I don’t care what [Joey] is allowed to do at his house…in this house I AM THE BOSS!”

Of course, that’s just how I see it from My Corner of the World.

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  1. Posted by Anita Cook on October 29, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Hi Nicole,

    I loved your posting of Mom-ism. We do tend to use the same phrases our Mom’s use…My Mom was a godly, kind, compassionate lady. She carried herself like a Queen…She was regal in my eyes. My Dad was like a sargent. The combination was interesting to say the least…and the least is better to be said. It wasn’t what my Mom said so much but what she didn’t say that remains with me. I saw her read her Bible everyday at the kitchen table. She left me little love notes in the morning when I ate Breakfast before the rest of the household was stirring. She listened with both her ears and her response was always seasoned with love. She never complained although she had lots to complain about. In the last years of my parents lives, they lived with me for one year before moving into a nursing home…but even though my Mom had alzheimers (sp) and her personality changed a little, she still did those things that were meaningful to her. Her eyesight was fading, so I would read the Bible to her or any other books she wished to have read to her…I miss that now…There were times when my Dad needed a break and I would stay with Mom overnight and I would hear her whispering; when I looked over she had her hands folded in prayer and I knew she was talking to her Lord and Saviour…I miss her…so I do know how you feel Nicole. Our society today is very fast and we fill each moment with things we think our children will remember, but it is the everyday mundane activities that linger longer…how we respond to adversity…I know, this is a serious response, but that’s what I think about my Mom…to end on a lighter note…I laughed out loud when you wrote: “If I can see your underwear, it’s time to get pants that fit!” I remember my Mom always saying to us “Did you put clean underwear on, you’ll never know if you are in an accident.” Here’s to all the Moms out there who love and care for their children.


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