When Mom Gets Sick

In the life of a mother there just never seems to be enough hours in the day for all the responsibilities associated with the title “Mom”. How could 24 hours be enough time for groceries, banking, entertaining the children, homework, supervising chores, tidying the house, meals, dishes, bath time, night-time, laundry…the list is endless!

Somehow, we manage not only to do all those things for our families, but if we’re lucky we find the time for ourselves. And then the unthinkable happens…Mom gets sick!

Although most people rest when they are sick, it is more difficult for Moms. There is no resting when you are a mother. Although Dad and Grandma will lend a hand, there’s just no substitute. The house often doesn’t run properly if Mom isn’t at the helm.

So as I sit here on my sofa on week 2 of my bout with pneumonia, contemplating what to make for dinner and why there’s so much laundry to do, I realize that something has to give. My long “to-do” list will not get done today. I only have so much energy so I have no choice but to prioritize my day. What absolutely MUST get done, what SHOULD get done, and what jobs can I leave until tomorrow or later in the week?
So, the childen will get lunch, I will read books with my son for homework and I will snuggle with my daughter before naptime because the laundry can wait until tomorrow.

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