My Most Memorable “Mom Moments” So Far…

Being a Mom is the most rewarding, frustrating and stupifying job in the world! I have been a Mom for the last 7 years and sometimes I am blown away by the incredibly, silly and simultaneously wonderful things my children have done! Here are some of my favourites, perhaps you can relate…

1. My son painting the cat with peanut butter from tip to tail…very funny but have you ever tried to bath a peanut butter-covered  cat?

2. One July afternoon, my son playing outside in his snow suit in 39 degree weather…insisting he wasn’t hot.

3. My boy running in front of the house buck naked with nothing but rubber boots on his feet.

4. My son reaching through the cat hole in the basement door to yank the cat through to the other side.

5. A creepy collection of hundreds of snails in a bug catcher one summer afternoon.

6. My daughter colouring her whole face with black magic marker.

7. When she tried to paint the dogs toenails with nailpolish…he was NOT happy about it.

8. The day she went to sunday school in a lovely blouse and skirt with no underwear…so embarrassing!

9. The day my 3 year old slipped into her brothers classroom to hear the story, I guess the supply teacher didn’t realize she was too young to be in grade one.

10. When at 18 months, he ate an entire package of raw hotdogs.

11. Finding my 9 month old son inexplicably sitting in the middle of the dining room table eating a bag of cookies.

12. The rubber duck that found it’s way flushed down the toilet and impossible to dislodge…Daddy had to remove the whole toilet from the bathroom just to get it out and stop the floosing.

13. My son falling asleep in the jolly jumper only to rouse and keep bouncing, then fall asleep and rouse and bounce again….over and over and over.

14. My firstborn ripping the wristband off twice in the first five minutes outside the womb…should have been a clear sign that this kid would have a mind of his own.

15. The summer of the red rubber boots…my little girl wearing them with every outfit, every day in all weather…

16. My princess running through the back yard buck naked except for the beloved red rubber boots…what is it with my exhibitionist children anyway?

17. Bathing my daughter in a canning pot on the dining room table.

18. Bubblegum in her hair and nailpolish all over her feet and ankles.

19. Camping with an 8 week old one rainy weekend in Sauble Beach…nothing says nature like sterilizing bottles and nipples at a campsite.

20. My 18 month old boy less-than-gently tossing baby kittens into the Christmas Tree…

21. Seeing my daughters full head of hair clearly during the 32 week ultrasound.

22. My son’s infatuation with infomercial products, and his purchase of a sham-wow mop for me (with his OWN money), convinced that it was the solution to all my cleaning woes.

23. My 3 year old catapulting himself from one couch to the next singing the theme song to Spiderman.

24. Waiting hysterically for the lifeguards all-points-bulletin at Canada’s Wonderland in search of my son at the splash park…he’d slipped away from me and gone to the wave pool by himself.

25. My daughter lounging on top of the family dog to watch television, it would appear she thinks he’s a bean bag chair.

26. Sitting expectantly beside an Neo-natal incubator for 15 days straight waiting for the words “you can take him home today”.

27. Going on a “date” with my 5 year old son to see Shrek 3 and finding that we were the only two people in the whole theatre…it was the most exciting thing for him!

28. Being locked out of the house by my 18 month old daughter and having to remove the kitchen screen and shove my son through the window into the kictchen sink, which just so happened to be full of dirty dishes.

29. My 9 month old son opening his mouth to show me the dead fly that he found.

30. Finding teeth marks in the pound of butter AND my apple cinnamon candles!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lola on March 4, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    I think it might be time to add a part 2 to this post!


  2. Ok, I’m not stalking you I swear. Your post are freakin funny.
    My favorite from this list, !1, #6, #22,#30 and most favorite #20.

    Keep enjoying those babies. =)


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