20 Questions

I am doing some research and I was wondering if I could ask you to please have a look at the questions in this survey and answer as many as you can.

I am looking for your most successful and/or creative tips, tricks and suggestions for dealing with common issues that we all face as parents. (or those who aren’t parents but have some experience etc.. 

1. What is your favourite rainy-day activity with the kids?

2. Your best idea to stop bad habits like nail biting, nose-picking and thumb sucking?

3. How to avoid or stop temper tantrums in public?

4. What is the best way to avoid food battles at meal time?

5. What is the best craft that your kids enjoy the most?

6. Ideas for keeping track of winter mittens, scarves, hats etc.

7. Your best idea on how to deal with picky eaters.

8. How do you make sure your little ones don’t get lost in a large crowded public place?

9. Best wasy to stop sibling fighting and bickering?

10. Your best strategy for potty training and giving up the soother?

11. What is the best way to keep your child in bed at naptime and bedtime?

12. Best time-out strategy or how to deal with naughty behaviour?

13. How to deal with a childs fear of visiting the Doctor or Dentist?

14. Ways to help child take medicine easier?

15. How did you ease difficulties with teething and diaper rash?

16. How to make a long car or plane ride go smoother?

17. Your best way to encourage children to enjoy reading and tips on how to help them learn to read?

18. How to deal with battles over clothing choices or getting dressed in the morning?

19. Best ideas to help the babysitter when you leave your children for a night or longer?

20. Number one thing you do with your children that you hope will leave lasting memories for them? 

Thank you very much for your time in filling this out, I really appreciate your input. You can answer questions here or email them to me at lolasaldia@yahoo.ca and put 20 Questions in the subject line.

Thank you!

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